Rhyme N Review

By, Donna M. Monnig

Do you ever come across books that make you do a double take when you see the title? You have to look again just to be sure you read it right, because you can’t imagine a book like that being real. I read a large variety of books, and when it comes to ideas for books, a few of mine would make a list like this if they were published, still, here’s a list of seven books that, I do have to admit, surprised me.

7. “My Best Friend Is A Wookiee: A Memoir” By, Tony Pacitti 

This is a book that stands out in a crowd. How it ended up on my bookshelf, I honestly don’t know. I haven’t had a chance to read it so I don’t know if it’s any good, but I will give points for an intriguing title. If the cover of this book is anything to…

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SG-1: Four People, One Destiny

A poem by, Donna M. Monnig


Four People, One Destiny

One was a colonel who’d given up on life,

One was an archaeologist who’d lost his wife.

One was a woman, brilliant but trying to find her place,

One was an alien trying to find redemption’s grace.


They banded together all but strangers to start,

But it didn’t take long until nothing could tear them apart.

They’d fight together through hell and then back,

More than once they saved Earth from an attack.


They’d go to any length to do what was right,

No enemy was ever too big for them to fight.

Nothing and no one could break them apart,

They were not only a team but a family at heart.


The colonel found purpose for his life at last,

The archaeologist let his wife go an stopped living in the past.

The woman found her place appreciated by her team,

The alien found freedom for his people as was his dream.


No one imagined that they could do what they’d done,

Just like four strangers never knew they’d become SG-1.

©Donna M. Monnig

SG-1 Book Review: Sacrifice Moon

By, Donna M. Monnig

   “Our mandate from the President is to perform reconnaissance, assess any threats that may exist, and make peaceful contact with these people. If the Goa’uld aren’t present on this world, it’s possible these people might have found a way to eliminate them, or at least deter them.” Said General George Hammond at the mission briefing.

Unfortunately with SG-1’s luck – or their future luck as the case may be – there was no such good fortune to be found on P3X-595.

Something far more sinister was behind the seemingly peaceful Athenian-like society on Chalcis and at the heart of the Helos Confederacy of planets, as O’Neill and the team were doomed to find out.

Dark secrets, historical cover-ups, and political doublespeak abound as O’Neill and the newly formed unit, SG-1, try to survive their first official mission through the Stargate.

As would prove to be the case in the future, what was supposed to be a simple meet-and-greet turns into a living nightmare for them all.

SG-1 never did things small scale, why should their first mission have been any different?

Author Julie Fortune did an excellent job integrating four near-strangers into the amazing, unparalleled, world saving team that we all know and love.

Something like this should have been in one of the first few episodes of the show, showing how Daniel was dealing, not only, with loosing Sha’re but the fact that Teal’c had a hand – however reluctant – in the archaeologist’s wife’s capture and enslavement; Jack dealing with his own reluctant hand in Major Kawalsky’s untimely demise as well as trying to get a feel for his new team; Teal’c’s first true exposures to everyday life in the SGC as well as Earth terms and idiosyncrasies, and Captain Carter adjusting to her new Commanding Officer and teammates.

All while trying to survive on a world where nothing is as it seems; the weak are strong, the strong are weak, jewelry takes the whole mood-ring idea to new levels, and the moonlight is far from romantic.

In my humble opinion the book was a great read and Julie Fortune did a fantastic job writing SG-1’s first ever mission in Sacrifice Moon, where terror stalks the team at night.

©Donna M. Monnig

Book Details:

Paperback: 225 pages           ISBN-10: 0-9547343-1-9

Publish Date: 2006

Publisher: Fandemonium Ltd.       www.stargatenovels.com



By, Donna M. Monnig

On the Stargate Novels website (www.stargatenovels.com), they state their mission statement as follows:

Our mission: To publish novels that honor Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis and their fans.

Their About Us page is also accompanied by this picture and caption, which I hope they don’t mind me barrowing and posting here (If anyone from Fandemonium is reading this and does mind, please contact me and it will be removed).

Deep down, we simply want
to be SG-1!

It was this picture that inspired me to write the poem that you are about to read. I figured that the Stargate Novels team was never going to be SG-1, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t have a little recognition as well as an SG designation of their own.  


There’s a Stargate team, that isn’t too well known,

Because on television this team was never shown.

They never fought the Goa’uld, at least not face to face,

And they never got to fly themselves through hyper-space.


They’ve never switched bodies with an alien or anything like that,

They’ve never used a time machine, sarcophagus, or zat.

They’ve never been to Pegasus to see Atlantis first hand,

They’ve never stood against the Wraith making their last stand.


So what did they do you ask, if they’ve never blew up a hive?

Why these guys are the team, that’s kept our favorite characters alive!

They’re kind of like the scientists that work in the labs at the SGC,

Fighting the perils of publishing to create new books for you and me.


They dive into a book idea, armed to the teeth with ink and pen,

They work day and night to get it right before they come out again.

So though they never saved Earth, or fought on the intergalactic frontier,

This amazing Stargate team still deserves a great big cheer!


They use their skill, courage, and determination to supply our need,

Thanks to them, regular people like us, have great books to read.

So though they are not SG-1, and they fight with ink and pen,

That’s all right, because this ‘gate team is known as SG-N!

©2010 Donna M. Monnig

Judging A Book By It’s Cover

By, Donna M. Monnig

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but the cover of a book is generally what sells the book. If the cover didn’t attrack our attention then we’d never pick the book up to read about it and buy it.

Fandemonium Books, the publisher of Stargate Novels, have mastered the art of attractive book covers. Designed by Lindsay Allan, the covers of Fandemonium’s Stargate novels reach out and grab you.

Below is a listing of the top 5 most attractive Stargate novels book covers (in my opinion):

Number 5:

Stargate SG-1


Not only is all of the team present, as well as the Stargate, but having O’Neill pictured twice piques ones curiosity.


Number 4:

Stargate Atlantis

Casualties of War

Here we have a beautiful, richly colored background showing the Stargate, a planet, and a puddle jumper, along with all of Sheppard’s team and Elizabeth Weir. It all makes for a well-balenced picture that reminds us immediately of an episode of the TV show.


Number 3:

Stargate SG-1

Sacrifice Moon

The striking purple quickly catches the eye. The moon and the ancient ruins peeking out of the Stargate, set behind our favorite flagship team SG-1 leaves this book begging to be read.


Number 2:

Stargate Sg-1

A Matter of Honor

The way that the Stargate is tipped on it’s side while holding all of SG-1 is very catchy. However, it’s the planet being sucked into the blackhole that really gets one’s attention on this cover. It’s cleverly enough done to make one wonder if SG-1 is going to be sucked into the black void next. Who could resist reading a book with a cover like this?


Number 1:

The number one, all time best Stargate novel cover, in my opinion, is definately Stargate Atlantis Reliquary. The active Stargate lit up, framing Ford, Weir, and Teyla, while Rodney and Sheppard frame the Stargate, the city all but resting on the two men’s TAC vest pockets, combined with the rich vibrent colors…yeah, this is the kind of artwork that a person can get lost in. (Though I could be partial, seeing as it was this cover that lead me to read my first Stargate novel.)

These are my top 5 favorite Stargate novels book covers, what are yours?

For a complete listing of the Stargate Novels published by Fandemonium Books go to their website: www.stargatenovels.com

SGA Book Review: Rising

   The pilot episode of Stargate Atlantis was none other than superb by any standard as far as I’m concerned. To this day it is still one of my favorite episodes to re-watch now that I own it on DVD. I liked the episode so much that I naturally assumed that the novelization of it simply would not be able to do it any justice.

For once, I was happy to admit I was wrong.

Author, Sally Malcolm, did an excellent job of working the television script into an engaging novel.

How she could take a set dialogue and weave into it the characters thoughts and emotions as it went along was truly impressive. A brief example: (McKay’s thoughts regarding the ATA) “Instead of giving the gene to someone who could actually use it to unlock the secrets of the Ancients, on whom did it bestow this ‘random’ gift? General Jack ‘Smart-ass’ O’Neill, and now Dr. Carson ‘I’m scared it’ll bite me’ Beckett!…”

   And a brief John-shot from chapter seven, from the scene where Sheppard and McKay were talking about the possible permutations for the ‘gate address where Sumner and Teyla had been taken: “Seven hundred and twenty,” Sheppard told him [Rodney]. Who did the guy think he was dealing with? The paper boy?  

It was like watching an extended episode with lots of deleted scenes and still managing to end up right back where you started. For instance we get to see where that necklace Weir always wears came from. And this time around instead of seeing Ford show up out of nowhere to save the Major, we get to see Teyla helping him make the decision to do so – a little team bonding moment before they were a team.

The color picture insert at the center of the book was a nice touch to an already great piece of writing.

Sally Malcolm did such a fine job that I now have trouble deciding which one I like better; the episode or the book.

For now, I’ll just say they’re both great.

In my humble opinion no Stargate Atlantis collection is complete without the DVD as well as the novelization of the pilot.

© Donna M. Monnig

Book Details

Paperback: 200 Pages           ISBN-13: 978-0954734350

Publish Date: December 2005

Publisher: Fandemonium Ltd.  www.stargatenovels.com

13 Surefire Signs You’re A Stargate Fan: Part III

You know you’re a true Stargate fan when…you think the idiom, “Ancient history” has to do with the “Alteran’s”.

You know you’re a true Stargate fan when…you think, “Wraith!” every time your friends play with darts or you watch Vampire movies.

You know you’re a true Stargate fan when…every time something gets broken or misplaced you say, “The Reetou did it!”

And you really know that you’re a true Stargate fan if reading this list made your, “Frawn.” hurt.

©Donna M. Monnig